How to Sync iPod Without Erasing

by Matthew Battle

Syncing your iPod without erasing the other music that is stored on it is essential to learn if you wish to change your iPod's music regularly. The default setting on an iPod syncs automatically. But when the iPod syncs, it will erase any songs that aren't on the library. To prevent songs from being erased from your iPod, change iTunes to sync songs manually instead.


Turn on your computer and open iTunes.


Make sure that you have no songs on your iPod that are not in your library since these will be erased when you connect the iPod. Connect your iPod using the USB lead.


Click on the small iPod icon, which indicates that your iPod is connected on the left-hand column.


Uncheck the box on the left of "Sync only checked songs and videos" in the bottom center of the screen. Check the box on the left of "Manually manage music and videos."


Drag any songs or albums you wish to import onto your iPod into the mini-iPod icon in the left-hand column, below the "Devices" header.


  • check To organize your music library, choose "Library" from the file menu, then "Organize Library." Organizing your library into music, movies, TV shows etc. will help you better manage your iPod's contents manually.


  • close Do not disconnect your iPod from the computer without clicking on the upward-pointing arrow to the right of the small iPod icon first. Failure to do so could result in loss of data.

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