How to Sync an iPhone With Windows 7 & Outlook

By Joshua Laud

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To get the best possible use out of your iPhone, you need to sync it with your computer. With iPhones, all syncing is performed via iTunes. In iTunes, you will then choose what you want to sync; for instance, you can choose to sync the device with Microsoft Outlook. This will allow you to sync your iPhone contacts, calendars and memos with your computer---a useful option if you use both devices independently, but wish to keep them together.

Step 1

Connect your iPhone via USB to your computer. ITunes will automatically open.

Step 2

Click your iPhone name under "Devices."

Step 3

Click "Info."

Step 4

Click "Microsoft Outlook" under the "Contacts" list. Repeat this with "Calendars," "Mail Accounts" and "Notes," if you wish. This will sync the applications with Outlook.

Step 5

Click "Apply," and then "Sync."