How to Sync an iPhone With Microsoft Outlook

by Catherine Johnson

Using the Apple iTunes program, you can sync not only music and media files, but also data and information stored on your computer to your iPhone. By adjusting the settings of your iPhone in iTunes, you can easily make sure that both your contacts and calendars in Microsoft Outlook sync directly to your iPhone. Your iPhone will always be up to date with all of your important information so that you can quickly access it when you are on the go.

Step 1

Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB syncing cable that came with your device. The Apple iTunes program should automatically open on your computer.

Step 2

Select your iPhone under the "Devices" section in the left navigation panel in iTunes.

Step 3

Click the "Info" tab on the main iTunes screen. Go to the "Contacts" section and select "Sync Contacts From." Click "Outlook."

Step 4

Select "All Contacts" if you want to sync all contacts in Outlook with your iPhone. Click "Selected Groups" and click the groups you want to synchronize if you want to limit the number of contacts. Press the "Ctrl" key as you click a group name to select multiple groups.

Step 5

Click the "Sync Outlook calendars" option if you want to also syncronize your Outlook calendars with your iPhone.

Click the "Apply" button on the bottom-right corner of the main iTunes screen. The information in your Microsoft Outlook will now sync with your iPhone according to your settings.


  • Your calendars must be in Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 in order to sync properly with your iPhone.


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