How to Sync an IPhone With Gmail on a PC

by Spanner Spencer

Gmail is a free web-based email service from Google, which allows full access to the client via a web browser. The iPhone is able to synchronize its "Mail" application with a Gmail account, giving users access to Gmail on the phone. Google's email service has the benefit of providing a central point of access and storage, so the account is always up to date, whether you check it on an iPhone, computer, or other email-equipped device.



Visit the Gmail web page at "" and click the "Sign Up For Gmail" link.


Enter your information in the appropriate boxes, and choose an available username. The username will also form the part of your email address before the "@" symbol.


Enter a password twice in the relevant boxes.


Choose a security question for password and account recovery features.


Click the "I accept. Create My Account" button to finish setting up your Gmail account on the PC. You can now check your email from any computer by visiting the Gmail web page and logging into your account.



Launch the "Settings" application on the iPhone and open the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" option.


Tap the "Add Account" option and select "Gmail" from the next screen.


Enter your Gmail email address in the username section, followed by your Gmail account password.


Press the "Next" button, and the iPhone will test the login credentials. Tap "Save" to finish. Any actions performed through the iPhone's Gmail account will now be synchronized with the PC.


  • check Gmail can be accessed through any web browser, regardless of the platform. Any changes will be synchronized across all your Gmail access points.

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