How to Sync an iPad With a Mac

By Keith Evans

The Apple iPad easily syncs with Mac computers.
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The Apple iPad, a tablet computer that runs on the iOS operation system, allows users to take their files, music, data and applications on the road with them instead of a bulky laptop computer. A user must synchronize the device with a computer running Apple iTunes software to transfer files between the computer and the tablet. Macintosh owners can complete this process in a few simple steps.

Step 1

Connect the iPad. Plug the wide end of the iPad cable into the connector port on the bottom of the tablet device; press firmly but gently until the cable is in place. Plug the narrow end into the USB port on the Mac computer.

Step 2

Launch iTunes. According to Apple, iTunes should automatically launch when it detects a connected iPad. If iTunes does not launch, find the iTunes icon, which resembles a musical note inside a circle, in the dock at the bottom of the screen. Click on it one time. The icon will begin to bounce as the application opens.

Step 3

Select the items to sync. iTunes can synchronize a wide array of information with an iPad, and the iTunes default settings allow the application to synchronize all music, podcasts, movies, TV shows and applications contained in iTunes with the iPad. To select additional content, including contacts, photos and videos not already in iTunes, click on the iPad icon in the left column of the iTunes window, and select the desired content from the iPad "Info" window.

Step 4

Synchronize. If the iPad summary window is not already displayed in iTunes, click the iPad icon in the left column, and then click "Summary" at the top of the iTunes application. A "Sync" button will appear in the lower portion of the iTunes window; click on it.