How to Sync iCal With a Gantt Chart

by Ray Padgett

A Gantt chart is a time chart that chronicles an event or project's progress over time. It typically features horizontal bars arranged vertically, with each bar beginning at the time when the event began and stopping when the event ended. This can be a good visual way to quickly present complex time progressions. Many programs can create Gantt charts, including the popular Microsoft Project. iCal, however, cannot. To import your Gantt chart data into iCal, you need to save that data into a format that iCal can read.


Open your Gantt chart in the program of your choosing.


Select "Save As" from the "File" menu.


Select "Comma Separated Values (*.csv)" from the format menu. Almost any program that can generate a Gantt chart will have this option, Microsoft Project included.


Click "Save."


Open iCal and select "Import" from the File menu.


Select "Import a vCal file."


Select the CSV file and click "Open." This will show you a preview screen of the Gantt chart data as visualized in iCal.


Click "Done" to finish.

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