How to Sync Google Calendar Reminder Alerts With Outlook

By Ashley Poland

With Outlook and Google Calendar synced, you can access events on any device.
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According to Google, event reminders set in either Outlook or Google calendar should sync between both services. Once you have your Google Calendar synced to Outlook, you can modify the event reminder in either service. You can sync any Google Calendar you own to Outlook, but to maintain a sync the calendar must be stored in Outlook's "Calendar" folder.

Sync Google Calendar

Google dropped support for Google Sync for all users at the end of 2012; the only Google users who can use Google Sync with Outlook are paid Google Apps users. These users include Google Apps for Business, for Education and for Government. If you're a Google Apps user, you can sync your Google Calendar to Outlook using the "Sync With Microsoft Outlook" tool offered by Google. According to Google Support, you can choose to use third-party tools for syncing your Google Calendar to Outlook, with the disclaimer that Google offers no support or responsibility for these products.

Set Events Reminders

To set the event reminder in Outlook, open up the calendar in Outlook and select the event you want to modify. In the "Appointment" tab, select the drop-box next to "Reminder" and select when you want to get the alert. If you're modifying the calendar in Google Calendar, click the event you want to modify and select "Edit Event." Beside "Reminders," select the style of reminder and when you want to see it. The default is "Pop-up," but you can also opt to receive an email reminder.

Types of Alerts

The default of pop-up alerts works with both Google and Outlook -- it creates a small pop-up window that reminds you of your events at the chosen time. In fact, these are the only type of alerts you can set with Outlook. If you set Google Calendar to send you an email alert, the message goes to the email address associated with your Google account. If you want to get these alerts in Outlook, you need to set Outlook to manage your email address.

Tasks in Outlook

Both Google Calendar and Outlook offer a task-management system, though the Outlook version offers significantly more options. When you set up a task on Google, the due date, subject and notes are all synced to the "My Tasks" section of Outlook. You can mark tasks as complete, delete tasks and add new tasks in either service. However, Google Calendar does not support Outlook's sub-task system. You also can't sync categories, progress updates, recurring tasks or task reminders to your Google Tasks. However, you can still use those features in Outlook tasks without breaking Google's task system.