How to Sync Gmail With Android

By Andrew Tennyson

Sync your Android device with Gmail over a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.
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Synchronizing your Gmail account with your smartphone or tablet helps to ensure you always have access to important emails, contacts and calendars when you need them. Take advantage of the native Gmail app on your Android 5.0 device to set up synchronization.

Adding a New Gmail Account to Your Android Device

By default, when you first set up your Android device, you must link it to a Google account. To add another Gmail account, start by opening the native Gmail app. Tap the three-line “Menu” icon in the top corner of the app, scroll down and select “Add Account.” Choose “Google” as the account type and touch “OK.” Tap the “Existing” button to indicate you want to sync with an existing Gmail account and then enter your Gmail address and associated password in the provided fields to finish setting up your Gmail account on your Android device.

Customizing Email Sync Settings

When you set up your Gmail account for use on your Android device, the Gmail app automatically imports existing email from your account. To customize synchronization settings, tap the three-line “Menu” icon in the top corner of the Gmail app and select “Settings.” Select your newly-added account and place a check mark in the “Sync Gmail” check box to enable automatic syncing. Touch “Days of Mail to Sync” and select how many days worth of email correspondence you want to store on your Android device. Place a check mark in the “Download Attachments” check box if you want the Gmail app to sync attachments from your Gmail account as well.

Syncing Contacts

Contacts are automatically synced with the Contacts app when you add a new Gmail account to your Android device. To import individual contacts from other locations, open the Contacts app, touch the “Menu” icon and select “Settings.” Touch “Import/Export” and follow the prompts to sync contacts from your desired location.

Syncing Calendars

Take advantage of the native Calendar app to sync your Gmail calendars onto your Android device. As with contacts, the Calendar app automatically syncs with all Gmail accounts associated with your Android device. Every time you add a new Gmail account to the Gmail app, for instance, the Calendar app automatically recognizes the new account and syncs with any associated calendars. To turn syncing on and off for an individual calendar, tap the “Menu” icon in the top corner of the Calendar app, touch “Settings,” select the desired calendar and switch “Sync” to the on or off position.