How to Sync Email With a Phone

By Kenyonda Bradley

Syncing your email is easy to accomplish with an Internet-capable phone.
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Synchronizing your email to your phone is a good way to have access to your email while you are on the go. Because emailing has become the norm, many people use it as a way to send documents, photos and files quickly. In order to receive those documents on your phone, your email must be synced with your mobile device. Synchronizing your phone is relatively easy to accomplish with an Internet-capable phone and a little time and effort.

Access the Internet from your computer and visit your wireless provider website and create a wireless sync account. Additionally, you may be able to create an account from your Smartphone by clicking the "Setup" tab in your list of applications followed by "Email."

Agree to the terms and conditions (if applicable) and identify and click on your email provider icon, such as Yahoo, Outlook or Gmail.

Enter the username and password for your email account in the appropriate fields. Click "Next" to move to the next screen.

Check the "Retrieve Mail" box located on the account screen. Select "OK" to move to the next screen.

Validate your information and select "Sync" to start the synchronizing process. Continue this process for every email account that you want to sync to your mobile device.