How to Sync Audiobooks From iTunes

by Kay Ireland

One benefit to owning an iPod, iPad or iPhone is the ability to purchase audiobooks from the iTunes store to listen to while on the go. Audiobooks are ideal for long drives, listening while you work out or while you travel. The iTunes store has an extensive array of books to choose from, with anything from historical fiction, to comedy and biographies. When you've purchased an audiobook from iTunes, you'll need to sync to your device to be able to listen to your book anywhere.


Initiate the iTunes software, and click "iTunes Store." Then, click "Audiobooks" to navigate to the audiobooks portion of the store.


Browse through the available books and select the book you'd like. Purchase the book by clicking "Buy Book," found beneath the cover artwork in most cases. Pay using your Apple ID information; allow the book to download to your iTunes library.


Connect your iPod or iPhone using the supplied USB cord. Plug the long, thin end of the cord into your device and the other end into the USB port on your computer.


Allow the initial sync to occur to transfer any purchases you made on your device to transfer to your iTunes library. This also ensures that iTunes recognizes the device properly.


Click your device name from the left-hand side panel of iTunes. It will be listed under "Devices." Then, select "Audiobooks" from the tabs across the top of the window.


Check the boxes beside "Sync Audiobooks" and "All" then click "Apply" at the bottom of the window. This will initiate the sync, this time including your new purchase so that it is sent to your iPhone or iPod.


Find your audiobook by touching the iPod icon. Select "More" and then "Audiobooks."

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