How to Sync My Android Phone

By James T Wood

The Android powered HTC Desire launched in early 2011 at a trade show.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

An April 2011 ComScore study shows that Google's popular Android phone software overtook all other competitors to have the most subscribers in the United States. Google keeps the data for its millions of Google subscribers synced and safe through the use of the Google Cloud servers. The Cloud refers to computer servers and storage that are accessible through phone and internet connections from anywhere in the world. Google will sync your Google Reader, Books, Contacts, Gmail, Pictures and Calendar information. You can also sync other applications and services such as Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft Exchange.

Step 1

Press the house icon button, then press the list icon button on your phone. Tap "Settings" on the touch screen then press "Accounts and Sync."

Step 2

Check the box next to "Background Data" to allow your Android phone to sync data for programs that aren't actively being used. This will mean the information is available as soon as you open the app, but it will use battery and data more quickly. Check the box next to "Auto-sync" to allow programs on your phone to sync without asking for permission from you.

Step 3

Tap one of the accounts under "Manage Accounts" to see what items are being synced. Check the box next to any items you want to sync. Press the back button on the phone. Click the "Add Account" button to choose a new account to sync. Select the type of account you have, then enter your username and password for the account. The initial sync will take several minutes to download the information to your phone.