What Is a Synaptics TouchPad Driver?

By Kefa Olang

The Synaptics TouchPad driver is responsible for running and operating the TouchPad on a notebook. By default, the Synaptics driver is preinstalled with compatible operating systems; however, if you're unable to use the TouchPad, you can reinstall the driver quickly and get back to using your notebook.

Synaptics TouchPad

The Synaptics TouchPad is a touch-sensitive pad that performs all the regular functions of a mouse, including scrolling, highlighting and clicking content. The Synaptics TouchPad is used in many computers and notebooks with OEM devices. The TouchPad relies on downward pressure from the fingers to move the mouse cursor and provide screen navigation. TouchPad settings can also be customized to suit your particular needs.


The Synaptic driver is the software that allows the TouchPad to communicate with the firmware on your computer. Without the driver, the Synaptics TouchPad is rendered useless. The driver comes in a variety of versions depending on the operating system. In fact, it is specifically customized for the operating system you're using. It also includes the Synaptics control panel that allows you to adjust mouse settings, including cursor size and sensitivity.


If the TouchPad isn't responding, downloading and installing the Synaptics driver may solve the problem. Problems with TouchPads often occur after upgrading the operating system, and can also be caused by a damaged or corrupted driver. If you're unable to open the Synaptics TouchPad properties interface from the Control Panel, download and install the latest driver compatible with your operating system directly from Synaptic's website or your computer manufacturer's site.

Microsoft Online Crash Analysis

If a Microsoft Online Crash Analysis, or OCA, message pops up on the screen referencing the SYNTP.SYS driver, Synaptics recommends installing version 7.5.12 or higher to resolve problems. Before installing the new driver, uninstall the old driver to decrease the risk of installation problems.