Switching Themes in Google Chrome Once It's Installed

By Naomi Bolton

The Google Chrome Web store contains a gallery of themes that allow you to customize your browsing experience. Unfortunately after you have downloaded and installed a theme, there is no easy way to switch back to a previous theme without re-downloading it. To save on time and bandwidth, there is a method to locate and package these themes into a single file,. You can save the file in a convenient location and switch between themes with ease.

Click "Start" and then click "Computer."

Double-click the "C" drive on your computer and double-click the "Users" folder.

Double-click the folder that corresponds to your Windows profile. For example, if your Windows profile is "User01," you would double-click the "User01" folder.

Double-click the "AppData" folder. If it is not visible, click "Organize" and then select "Folder and search options." Click the "View" tab and then click the radio button next to "Show hidden files, folders, and drives." Click "Apply" to save the changes and then open the "AppData" folder, which should now be visible.

Double-click "Local | Google | Chrome | User Data | Default | Extensions" to open the folder where Google Chrome saves the themes. Keep this folder open and launch your Chrome browser if it is not already running.

Click the "Wrench" icon in Chrome and select "Settings." Click the "Get themes" button from the "Appearance" section.

Click the "Choose Theme" button for the Chrome theme that you want to save. Click the "Add" button and then pay attention to the name of the file being downloaded as it is displayed on the bottom left corner of the browser.

Wait for the download to complete and then locate the folder that corresponds with the name of the download in the "Extensions" folder that you have open.

Right-click the folder and select "Properties." Enter the name of the theme as the name of the folder and then click "OK." This makes it easier to keep track of your themes as the folder names assigned by Chrome are gibberish.

Click the "Wrench" icon in Chrome and select "Settings." Click "Extensions" and then click the checkbox next to "Developer mode."

Click "Pack extension..." and click the "Browse" button next to "Extension root directory."

Select the folder of the theme that you changed earlier and then click "OK." Click "Pack Extension" and then click "OK." This packages the theme into a single file that you can save and switch with ease.

Repeat the process of installing the themes you want and packaging them.

Click and drag the packaged theme file (with the .crx extension) over your Chrome browser window and then click "Add" to switch to this theme. Use this method of saving and packaging all the themes that you have already installed to easily switch between themes without the need to re-download anything.