How to Switch Users on the Netflix App

by Andy Walton
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Setting up Netflix profiles enables you to configure multiple users for one Netflix account, allowing you to ensure that each user gets accurate show recommendations and letting you block inappropriate content from kids' profiles. The Netflix iOS app allows you to switch between these profiles at will, although you must first create the profiles through the Netflix website. As of November 2013, the Android version of the Netflix app does not allow you to switch between user profiles, although both the iOS and Android versions of the Netflix app allow you to fully sign out of one user account and into another.

Switch Profiles on iOS

Step 1

Tap the Netflix app icon to open the app.

Step 2

Tap the name of the current profile on the toolbar to open a pop-up menu displaying a list of profiles that are associated with your account.

Select the profile you wish to switch to from the menu.

Switch Accounts

Step 1

Tap the Netflix app icon to open the service.

Step 2

Scroll down to the bottom of the app's Home screen and then tap “Sign Out.” The app will display a pop-up box asking if you are sure you want to sign out. Tap “OK” to continue and open the app's sign-in screen.

Enter the email and password of the account you wish to sign in as and then tap “Sign In” to sign in to that account.


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