How to Switch Over to a New Kindle

By Matt Koble

Easily transfer content between your Kindle devices.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

All of the Kindle content you purchase through Amazon first gets sent to your Amazon account, then your device. Even if you purchased the content through your old Kindle, you can download it all again on your new Kindle, provided you register the device under the same account. If you ever go back to use the older Kindle, you can use this same method to add content purchased using the newer Kindle. The process works on all Kindle e-readers.

Step 1

Turn on your new Kindle and follow the "Set Up Your Kindle" guide, the same guide you previously followed to set up your old Kindle. During the registration process, register your Kindle under the same account your old Kindle is registered under.

Step 2

Return to the Home screen after setup and press your Kindle's "Menu" button. Select "View Archived Items."

Step 3

Find and select the first book you want to transfer to the new Kindle. The book will download to the new Kindle, then open to the last page read.

Step 4

Return to the Archived Items screen and repeat the process for all the content you want to transfer to the new Kindle.