How to Switch From a Contract to a Pay As You Go for T-Mobile

by C. Taylor
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Competition is fierce among cellular carriers, and that sparked a wave of attractive prepaid options, which do not require a contract. If your own contract is soon expiring, you can change to a prepaid option to avoid contract renewal and still use your same phone.

Step 1

Call T-Mobile by dialing "611" from your T-Mobile phone and choose to speak with a representative.

Step 2

Explain that you would like to change over to a prepaid, or pay as you go, account. If your contract has not yet expired, you may have to pay an early cancellation fee. In most cases, the transfer will occur over the phone without the need for a new SIM card, phone or phone number.

Charge your account. Prepaid accounts must be paid in advance. You can charge the account by calling 611 and using your credit card, or you can purchase a prepaid card from a retail store.


  • In rare cases where you need a new SIM card, the representative will set you up with one and help you activate it. You will still retain your original number, or you can change it if you wish.


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