How to Switch From One Cable Company to Another Cable Company

By Christopher Carter

i Kraig Scarbinsky/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Most consumers choose to switch cable companies in hopes of receiving better service or a cheaper price for comparable service. Due to heavy industry competition, cable companies often offer better deals. This may result in more channels at cheaper prices for the consumer.

Switching From One Cable Company to Another Cable Company

Step 1

Compile a list of competing cable companies that offer service in your area and call to see what deals each is offering. Cable companies often run specials to gain new customers.

Step 2

Set up an account with your new cable TV company. The easiest way to do so is over the phone with a live customer service representative. This way, you get immediate answers to questions or concerns you may have about fees and equipment needs. Provide your name, address, phone number, Social Security number and email address. This information will identify you as the decision maker for the account.

Step 3

Select your plan and equipment needs. You may be asked to put a deposit on your equipment prior to, or at the time of installation.

Step 4

Schedule your installation time. Remove old equipment before the technicians arrive to set up the new system.

Step 5

Cancel with your old cable company and schedule a time for a technician to pick up your equipment or make arrangements to return it to the company yourself. If you don't return equipment, you may be billed for it.