How to Switch a Boost to a Verizon

by Aaron Ratliff
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If you are a current Boost Mobile customer, you can move your service to Verizon Wireless without losing your current phone number, thanks to the Mobile Number Portability Act that went into effect on November 24, 2003. Make sure you are aware of any fees associated with transferring your number and have all of the information that is required before you begin the process. Activating your number on a new network could take as long as 24 hours, so plan accordingly to minimize any inconvenience.

Step 1

Visit the Verizon Wireless number portability eligibility website to determine if your Boost Mobile number can be transferred to a Verizon phone.

Step 2

Call or visit a Verizon Wireless store and provide the associate with your Boost Mobile phone number, Boost Mobile account number, address, and social security or tax ID number.

Step 3

Select the phone you wish to use and sign any authorizations that are required to begin the porting process and your new service with Verizon Wireless.

Step 4

Wait 24 hours for the porting process to complete.

Contact Boost Mobile customer support and cancel your service to avoid any further charges.


  • Do not cancel your service until your Boost Mobile number has been successfully ported to Verizon Wireless.


  • You will be able to make outgoing calls immediately upon activation of your new Verizon Wireless phone. However, you will not be able to receive incoming calls until the number porting process is complete.


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