How to Switch an AT&T Phone to a Verizon Plan

by Kristin Jaroma
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An AT&T Wireless customer can transfer his AT&T cellular phone to a Verizon Wireless plan, and at the same time, keep his current cellular number. If the cellular number is eligible for local number portability, which can be checked online, the switch is simple.

Step 1

Check if your AT&T cellular number is eligible for local portability. Go to the Verizon Wireless "Keep Your Number" web page (See References) and enter your current wireless number in the "Phone Number:" text box. Then click "Check Eligibility." If it is eligible, continue to the next step in the process. If it isn't eligible, contact Verizon Customer Service for assistance.

Step 2

Click "Start Shopping" if your AT&T number is eligible for local portability on Verizon.

Step 3

Select your new plan from Verizon Wireless.

Step 4

Provide Verizon Wirless with your necessary information to complete the purchase of your new cellular plan for your wireless number.

Activate your new service with Verizon Wireless. Your service with AT&T Wireless will automatically be terminated. It may take up to 24 hours to complete the transfer.


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