How to Survey With a Garmin GPS

by Nicholas Lindsey

A Garmin GPS or global positioning system device is a useful tool that provides users with their location anywhere in the globe. A Garmin GPS unit can also be used for more than getting from one point to another. Garmin GPS devices are also powerful tools that can be used for surveying. A Garmin GPS makes surveying much easier, especially in areas where there is not a clear line of site.


Use a copy of the property deed to determine the location of each boundary point you wish to include in the survey.


Carry the GPS receiver from boundary point to boundary point. Enter each point into the unit as a waypoint or reference point.


Using the Garmin Mapsource software, measure the distance between each waypoint to get the total square footage of the area surveyed.


  • close If you are not using a Garmin GPS unit that is a survey grade or higher, your measurements will not be as accurate and will not be reliable enough for use in legal documents.

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