How to Surf the Internet Anonymously With Proxies

by Contributor

If you are worried about shadowy corporations or other entities you don't trust keeping tabs on your Internet surfing habits, you should surf the Internet anonymously with proxies. It's relatively easy to do and completely free.

Find an Internet proxy server. For a huge list of free proxies, see the link to in the Resources section below. You can click on any of these listings and instantly be taken to a proxy server.

Find a proxy server with an Internet address field. Some proxy servers require you to make some changes to your browser or download something. But ones where you can type in an Internet address are easiest to use.

Type in a URL and click "Go."

Surf the Internet anonymously. Once you type in an Internet address, the proxy server will create a new address bar for you to use. You can now surf through an anonymous proxy.

Use the mini-URL form to continue surfing anonymously. If you want to navigate to a different site, use the built-in address bar from the proxy server.


  • check Internet proxy servers are a dime-a-dozen. If one seems buggy or is too hard to use, go back to the list and choose a different one.
  • check Make your favorite proxy service your homepage or bookmark it so that you can begin surfing anonymously each time.


  • close Some Web sites will not function properly if you are behind a proxy.

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