What Is a Supermulti Drive?

by Mark Vallet

A supermulti drive is combo drive that can read and write two different media types. They are often used in laptops and as stand alone accessories. Supermulti combo drives are mainly used to read and write DVDS and CDS.

Definition of a Supermulti Drive

A Supermulti drive is simply an optical drive that both reads and writes to two different media types. The majority of supermulti drives can read and write to both DVDs and CDs. Supermulti drives that read and write both DVDs and Blu-Ray are becoming more popular.

Stand-Alone Supermulti Drives

Supermulti drives can be integrated into a computer or sold as a stand-alone, plug-in drive. Stand-alone drives are plugged into a USB port. Stand-alone drives are convenient and can be moved between different computers.

Supermulti Drives in Laptops

Supermulti drives are becoming more common in laptops. There is often only one drive bay in a laptop, so a supermulti drive offers a lot of options while only taking up one drive bay.

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