How to Summarize a Paper Into Powerpoint

By Sara Davis

Powerpoint presentations often use visuals to illustrate a point.
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For the greatest ease in transferring a paper from essay format to Powerpoint presentation, remember that your end goal is the same in both scenarios. You are conveying an idea with a visual and oral presentation that was previously summarized in the written word. The process of transferring your ideas over will then be simplified, and with the addition of some visual aids, strong quotes and statements, your powerpoint presentation will be complete.

Step 1

Start with a strong statement, quote or image. This launching point in your presentation functions as your thesis statement in your paper. In it, briefly and succinctly summarize the point of your presentation and what you plan to explore throughout the remainder of your time.

Step 2

Use bullet points. With your essay, you may have started with an outline and then fleshed out your ideas into written paragraphs. With your Powerpoint, you should return to your outline format and flesh out your ideas audibly. This allows your audience to take better notes and follow your presentation closely.

Step 3

Use visuals. With a Powerpoint presentation, you have the opportunity to do what you could not in your paper, which is use one of the most relevant and popular forms of communication of the 21st century. Don't be afraid of using pictures and videos as illustrations.

Step 4

Leave your audience with something to think about. As with your conclusion in your paper, you will want to reiterate the prevailing idea behind your presentation as you close. You can do so with a visual aid, quote or a strong closing statement of your own.