How to Submit to Search Engines

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Got a new site or blog you want to submit to search engines? It's free and easy to get your website url listed with Google, Yahoo, and many other engines. Learn how to get listed with the major search directories.

SEE RESOURCES BELOW THIS ARTICLE For direct links to the major directories' online submissions pages, look to the resources section below this article. Follow the links to forms to submit to search engines.

GOOGLE The direct link to submit URL to Google appears in the Resources section below this article. No Google membership is required and no fee applies for this basic submission service. Be prepared, however, to write a brief meta description about the site you are adding to their directory and information or tools that can be found there.

YAHOO You can directly access Yahoo's submission page be clicking the direct link that appears in the Resources section below this article. It is free to submit your website or blog to Yahoo, but there is no option to include a description of the site.

MSN Again, the link to this search engine's submission page appears in the Resources section beneath these steps. MSN is free and requires only the URL of the site you wish to submit to search engines.

AOL To submit to AOL, you must participate in the Open Directory project. Below this article you will find a direct link to a description of the project and instructions to participate.

ASK There was a time when allowed paid inclusion in their search directory, but this has changed so that all submissions are now free. The only problem is that the submission process is complicated and Ask must provide an extensive guide to lead webmasters through. You will find a link to these instructions in the Resources section below this article.


  • check Paying to submit to search engines isn't a bad idea if it's a realistic option for your budget. Many paid submission services allow for easier and faster inclusion in search directories. Free submission isn't difficult, but it can take weeks to over a month for your URL to appear in search results as each engine will have to verify the URL. Paid sites can cut this time down to days or hours. Just be aware that not all of these services are worth their expense.

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