How to Submit a Rebate Online

by Nick Davis

Rebates are cash-back programs that offer a fraction of what you paid for an item or service. To receive most rebates, you have to complete a form, attach the sales receipt you received when you purchased the product or service and then mail that information to the manufacturer or business offering the rebate. With today's technology, most rebates can be processed online by visiting a rebate processing website or the manufacturer/store's website and entering the required information.

Locate the sales receipt for the item you want to process a rebate request on then locate the store number, offer number or transaction number. Generally you will have to enter this information into the rebate form online.

Visit -- Click on "Get Your Rebate." Then click on the down arrow under the heading "Search by Product Manufacturer." Select the manufacturer you want that is offering a rebate then click "Search." You will be presented with a list of rebate offers. Locate the one that applies to your purchase and then follow the screens to continue processing your rebate. If you are processing a rebate from a manufacturer not listed on or a store/retail center, enter the manufacturer or store's website address into your Internet browser. Find this address on the receipt or printed rebate form that was given to you at the retail outlet when you purchased the item or service.

Enter required information into the rebate processing website once it has loaded. Note that many rebate processing sites require you to set up a account before continuing. Print a copy of the confirmation page or receipt page once the website has completed your rebate request.


  • check Save any paperwork related to the rebate request, even after receiving your rebate. This paperwork may be needed later for warranty repair. Make a note of when you submitted the rebate request. This will be helpful if your rebate doesn't come in. You will be able to contact the manufacturer or company about your rebate and when you submitted it.

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