How to Submit Articles to

By Elvis Michael

Many people rely on article marketing as a way to drive traffic to their website. Search engines such as Google generally index online content and add it to their database automatically. Depending on various optimization-related factors, however, it may take an indefinite amount of time for Google to crawl the desired content. To help remedy the situation, you can manually submit your article to Google for faster consideration.

Step 1

Visit Google’s Webmaster Tools page (see Resources). Click "Participate" under the Website Owner category to proceed.

Step 2

Click the "Submit your URL" link on the following page. Log on to your existing Google-based account if required, such as GMail, Google Apps or other service provided by the company.

Step 3

Enter the article URL into the URL field displayed.

Step 4

Enter the CAPTCHA code into its respective field, which comprises of two alphanumeric entries.

Step 5

Click “Submit Request” to submit your article to Google.