How to Mass Submit My Articles to Article Directories

by Contributor

There are two ways to submit articles to article directories: you can submit them manually or you can mass submit them with the proper software.

You'll likely have to purchase software or pay an article submission service to mass distribute your articles. If you pay a submission service to mass submit your articles to hundreds of article directories, you'll have to register with those services. Here are some services that are popular and are used by many professional Internet marketers.

Go to iSnare and register an account, then read "How do I Submit My Articles to iSnare" on eHow (see resources and related articles).

Go to ArticleMarketer and sign up for an account. Read "How do I Submit My Articles to" on eHow (see resources and related articles).

You can download a free copy of Article Submitter at Taylor and Associates (see resources). You can also purchase the software at various Web sites online, but why pay for it when you can get it for free?

Open up Article Submitter and create a user profile.

Click on the "Article" tab and upload an article.

Click on "Websites" and select the article directories you want to submit to.

If there are Web sites that you want to submit to--but are not on the list--click on the "Manual Fill" tab, then on the "Add Site" button. Add the information for that Web site.

Click on the "Auto Fill" tab.

Starting with the first Web site, submit your article to each directory on the list. If you have not done so already, you'll have to create a new account at each directory and make a record of your log-in information for future reference.

After each submission, click on "Next Site."


  • check There are various article submission software packages out there with various features. You'll likely have to pay for them. Article Submitter Pro allows you to create multiple author bios. Article Submitter allows only one author bio but you can get it free at Taylor and Associates (see resources).
  • check The process is simpler and takes less time once you have accounts at each article directory.


  • close If you forget your log in information at any of the Web sites, you will not be able to log in again, so be sure to keep that information handy when using article submission software like Article Submitter.