How Do I Get Free Products on Facebook?

By Irene A. Blake

A social media concept.
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Although you can find free stuff all over the Internet, Facebook provides you with a one stop spot for quickly finding a wide assortment of free product opportunities. Through your social links to friends, companies, celebrities and groups, you're connected to sample, coupon, giveaway and contest freebies.

Review Posts by Friends

People often share their excitement about getting something for nothing in their status updates. A poster usually includes details about where he found the free offline or online product. If the freebie is still available, he might include instructions about how his friends can get it. Some also share posts about free stuff they found from other Facebook profiles and fan pages. As freebie-related posts can get lost in the News Feed, the best way to find them is by scanning your friends' Timelines.

Check Out Fan Pages

Along with posting to their websites, corporations, business owners and celebrities often post free product offerings on their Facebook fan pages. Typically, you need to complete some sort of task to get a product. For example, you might be asked to “Like” the company or product to receive a free sample or enter a contest for the chance to win free stuff. Some pages are dedicated to free product offers like Free Stuff Finder,, Free Samples and The Freecycle Network.

Join Local Interest Groups

A lot of people create groups on Facebook where locals from a specific region can exchange information about free products they found locally or online. Some of these groups allow members to post about items they’re giving away and items they’re hoping to find. To see if anyone has set up one of these groups for your area, type the name of your town in the search bar along with related keywords like “freebies,” “free stuff,” “free things,” “giveaways,” “samples,” “coupons” and “contests.”