How to Streamline Movies Through the Internet

by Greyson Ferguson
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You can do just about anything over the Internet, including streamlining (or streaming) movies. Doing so does not actually download the movie, instead you can view the content while it is streaming to your computer from the host site. With most high-speed Internet access you can view streamlined movies on your computer.

Step 1

Launch the Internet browser on your computer and navigate to a site you want to streamline a movie from. There are dozens of sites that specialize in this, such as YouTube, Hulu and even news sites such as CNN.

Step 2

Click the video you want to view. In a moment, it loads (an advertisement may play before the video begins).

Step 3

Select the "Pause" button when the video begins to load. A buffering icon appears with a display that shows how much of the video has buffered. Allowing the video to play without the buffering finished can result in the video skipping and pausing during playback.

Select the "Play" button and the video begins to play. With the streamlined video done buffering you should not experience any issues during playback.


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