How to Stream Video to TV on a Mac

by David Weedmark

Depending on the model of your Mac, you may be able to stream video to your TV using the Mac's DVI port. At the time of publication in June 2011, only some models of Mac computers have a DVI port that is compatible with S-video, which is the type of video used by most TV sets. These models include the Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, Power Mac G5 and some models of the Mac Pro. Older Mac computers, like the Macbook G4, may or may not have S-video functionality with their mini-DVI ports. Check the specifications for your Mac, or view the Apple Monitor and Display Adapter Table online.

Check that your TV has an S-video-in connector. This is usually a yellow connector.

Determine that your Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, Power Mac G5 or Mac Pro uses a DVI adapter. Check the documentation that came with your Mac. If you have a Mac Pro, it also needs to have an ATI X1900 video card.

Purchase a DVI-to-video adapter. These are available from the Apple Store and other Apple-friendly electronics stores.

Connect the adapter to your Mac using the DVI port. Connect the adapter to your TV, or to an S-video cable, using the S-video-in adapter to your TV.

Turn on the TV. Use the controls on your TV, or the remote control, to change the video to the S-video-in feed. This is usually done using the same menu you would use to change from DVD to Cable.

Watch a video on your Mac, and it will show on your TV as well.

Close your MacBook Pro if you want, and if it is connected to an external mouse and keyboard. It will go into Sleep Mode. Just move the mouse or press a key to wake it.

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