How to Stream Video From an Enabled Blu-Ray Player

by Matt Skaggs

Many modern Blu-Ray players provide far more entertainment options than just disc playback. You can use them to get news and weather reports, view personal photo galleries and stream video content from the Internet. Internet-enabled Blu-Ray players let you enjoy online videos in your home entertainment center instead of on the typically smaller screen of a computer or tablet. Enjoying video streaming is straightforward for most players and requires just a few steps of setup and connection.


Set up a paid account online with your video service of choice, if necessary. Not all video providers require this; options like YouTube allow you to access videos without payment, so if that's all you want your player for, you don't need to set up an account. Other providers, like Netflix and Hulu Plus, require that you have a paid account to use their videos.


Turn on the Blu-Ray player and your TV display.


Connect your player to the Internet using either an Ethernet cord or Wi-Fi. If you can plug your player into your router, that's all you need to do to get it online. If you choose to use Wi-Fi, you must follow the setup process for your player to turn on its Wi-Fi and then connect to your network. You'll need to provide the correct network password, if your network requires one. This method varies greatly from device to device, so you may need to reference your player's documentation for specifics.


Access the online features of the player. This also varies greatly for different players, but most of them offer these features through various built-in apps, and most players provide a variety of online content options.


Access the video content you want to watch. You should be able to easily locate and select whatever content you want from the video providers available by either browsing for it in various categories or using a search feature. If you're accessing a paid service, you'll need to provide your username and password to reach the videos.


Begin playing the content you want to watch. Most players allow you to play, pause and otherwise control playback using the remote's buttons just like you would for a Blu-Ray disc or DVD.


  • check You should always use a Wi-Fi network that requires a password. Networks that don't require a password are "open-access" networks, and anyone can connect to them, even without your permission. The possibility also exists that someone could steal personal or financial information from you if you use an open-access network. You have a few choices for security-enabled networks; from strongest to weakest your options are WPA2, WPA and WEP.


  • close While Wi-Fi is often more convenient, you need to be sure your player has a strong signal from your router. Otherwise its Internet access speed may be slow, even if you have a fast broadband connection. Ideally the wireless router should be near the player without many objects or walls between the two.

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