How to Stream HDMI From a Camcorder to a PC

By James Clark

You can connect a digital camcorder with an HDMI, or high-definition media interface, jack directly to a desktop or laptop PC with a matching jack for streaming video and audio. Most high-definition camcorders come with drivers and software on a disk that allow you to view and edit your videos. You must install this software to your computer before you can stream HDMI from the camcorder.

Insert the software disk into your computer's optical drive. Wait for the disk to begin automatic playback.

Follow on-screen prompts to install the drivers and editing software for your camera. These tools enable your computer to communicate with the camcorder.

Restart your computer when installation completes.

Attach the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the camcorder and plug in the other end to a free HDMI port on the PC.

Switch on your camcorder to playback mode. The PC will recognize the connection and launch your software.

Navigate with the buttons on your camcorder to select a video file for streaming to the PC through the HDMI cable connection. Highlight the desired file and press the playback button. The location varies depending on your camcorder model, but the playback button typically appears as a triangle pointed to the right.