Straight Talk vs. Verizon

By Joanna Swanson

Prepaid cell phone plans provide service without a contract.
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Straight Talk and Verizon are two cell phone companies that offer prepaid plans to their customers. These plans allow a customer to make pay for their cell phone service before they use it. Most plans are monthly plans that provide service every day, but some provide service on a pay-by-day basis.

Straight Talk All You Need

The All You Need plan offered by Straight Talk is a 30-day, monthly plan. The plan includes 1,000 nationwide minutes and free 411 calls. The plan also includes 30 MB of data usage and 1,000 text or picture messages. Because the plan has no contract, you may cancel your service at any time.

Straight Talk Unlimited

Straight Talk offers four different unlimited monthly plans. You may choose to pay for one month, three months, six months or one year at a time. These plans all include unlimited nationwide talk and unlimited text or picture messages. Unlimited data access and unlimited 411 calls are also included in the contract-free service.

Verizon Monthly

Customers of Verizon’s contract-free monthly prepaid plans may choose from three different devices -- a Smartphone, a Blackberry or a feature phone. You may choose to purchase 450 or 900 minutes or opt for the unlimited package. Add unlimited texting to avoid extra text message fees. Customers who choose a Smartphone or Blackberry must also add an unlimited data package to their service. Each plan has a set rate at which excess minutes will be charged, as well as a rate for calls if your account does not have enough money in it to cover the monthly access fee.

Verizon Daily

Verizon Daily prepaid plans only charge your account for days on which you use your phone and charge nothing for days that you do not use it. You decide how many days you want to pay for at a time and use up the credits as you use your phone. Daily plans may only be used by customers with a feature phone, as data is not available. You may choose from unlimited calling or a plan with unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling and a charge for all other minutes used.