How to Find Stored Email on Outlook

by George Lawrence J.D.

Microsoft Outlook is a helpful tool. The program manages emails, calendars, lists and other documents. Through Outlook, you can send and receive email, as well as save and store emails on your computer's hard drive. Stored emails are held in a personal folders file. Find stored emails using your computer's "find" program.


Click on the "Start" menu and select the "Find" option.


Click on the "Files or Folders" option in the Find window.


Type "*.pst" in the search window box; do not include the quotation marks. Personal folders contain the extension .pst; searching for .pst will find the folders and find your stored emails.


Open the folders that arrive in the search window. Your stored emails should be in one of the personal folders stored on your computer.


Run a search according to Step 3, however, in the search field type the name of the email, the sender of the email, or known content of the email. As an alternative to searching for the personal folders, you can run a search for all files and folders containing known information of your lost stored email.

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