How to Store Search History on My Computer

By Jessica Reed

Save your search history on your computer for faster browsing.
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Your computer keeps a temporary record of all the searches you perform. Google also keeps its own, separate records of terms you type into the Google search toolbar. To save either of these searches onto your computer, you'll need to make the desired changes to your Internet options. Your computer will then save search history in a folder and display phrases you've searched for before to help with faster searching.

Save search history in Internet Explorer by clicking the "Tools" menu and choosing "Internet Options." Click the "General" tab and click the "Settings" button under "Browsing history." Type the number of days you want your computer to save your search history in the box beside "Days to keep pages in history." Click "OK."

Save in Mozilla Firefox by clicking "Tools" and choosing "Options." Select the "Privacy" tab. Click the drop-down menu next to "Firefox will:" and select "Remember history" to remember everything, or choose "Use custom settings for history" to limit what your computer saves.

Select the "Remember search and form history" in Firefox if you chose custom settings. This tells your computer to save anything you put into a search box. This option allows you to save all searches, regardless of what search engine you used. Check the "Remember by browsing history for at least...days" option and type the number of days you want to store your browsing history. Click "OK."

Save search history in the Google search toolbar by clicking the wrench icon. Select the "Search" tab. Click the "Store search history on my computer" option and all Google searches will be saved to your computer.

Click the "Start" button on your computer and choose "Computer." Search for "Temporary Internet Files" in the search box. Double-click the folder to view all your saved temporary Internet files. This folder also allows you to delete any searches you do not want saved on your computer.