How to Store Laser Toner

By Sandra Rousseau

Toner for your printer can be quite expensive, yet is a necessary expense. If you are lucky enough to find a money-saving deal on toner, snap it up and stockpile the extra toner until you need it. Be sure to store it properly, however, as toner quality can be affected by age, light, heat and humidity.

Store your extra toner in a dark place, as sunlight or even room light can permanently damage toner cartridges.

Set the temperature of your toner storage space above 32 degrees Fahrenheit and below 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid storing toner in places with large temperature fluctuations, such as in your car or a storage building that is not climate-controlled.

Control the humidity of your storage space to maintain a humidity level of no less than 35 percent and no more than 85 percent.

Store the toner and your printer in places without excessive dust, salty air or corrosive gases.

Store unopened toner for no more than two years.

Store opened toner in its functional place in the printer for no more than six months. If you must store opened toner out of the printer, store it horizontally (flat), correct side up, in its original light-blocking packaging. If the original packaging is not available, cover the top opening with paper and store it in a dark place.