How Do I Stop Yahoo Personal Alerts?

By Sophie Southern

A Yahoo account is needed to receive stock alerts.
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Yahoo! Alerts is a free service provided by Yahoo! to help you stay on top of your favorite subjects online. Yahoo! allows you to create alerts for topics, specific websites or keywords and notifies you when new information on these topics is published online; you must have a Yahoo! account to create Yahoo! Alerts. You can configure Yahoo! Alerts with your mobile phone, email or Yahoo! Messenger account. You can manage, edit, turn off and delete Yahoo! accounts through your Yahoo! profile online.

Logging Into Your Yahoo! Accounts

To access your Yahoo! Alerts, you need to log in to your Yahoo! account through Yahoo's website. Click on the link with your name in the top-right corner to access the account menu. Select "Account Info" to go to your personal profile and settings.

Finding Your Alerts

Your Yahoo! account's settings page is where you can manage and edit all aspects of your Yahoo! account. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the "Notifications and Subscriptions" heading. Click the "Set up Yahoo! Alerts" link to manage your Yahoo! Alerts. Select the "My Alerts" tab to edit your Yahoo! Alerts. You can manage, edit, turn off or delete Yahoo! Alerts through the "My Alerts" panel.

Turning Alerts Off

Click the green "On" button to turn off an active alert. You will stop receiving the alert in your email or on your mobile phone, but the alert will remain in your Yahoo! account in case you want to turn it back on. To turn all of your Yahoo! Alerts off, scroll to the bottom of your Alerts list to "Turn All Alerts" and click the "Off" link. Alerts with an "Off" button next to them are already turned off. Using the "On/Off" feature is useful if you only want to temporarily stop Yahoo! alerts.

Deleting Alerts

Click the gray trash can icon to permanently delete your alert. Yahoo! will give you a prompt to verify; click the "Yes, delete it" button. The alert will be completely removed from your Yahoo! Alerts list. When you delete an alert, there is no way to recover it. However, you can always create it again for free. Yahoo! allows you to create an unlimited number of alerts.