How to Stop the Spam on Gmail

By Sara Hickman

Spam mail can be irritating when you are trying to read through your messages on Gmail. A feature of Gmail is to report spam so you no longer receive it. These types of messages can be advertisements or offensive material. You should only report actual spam, not just email messages you do not want to receive. You can also unsubscribe from lists by following the link at the bottom of the each email.

Step 1

Log into your Gmail account. This will take you immediately to your inbox.

Step 2

Check the box next to the message and click "Report Spam" from the top menu bar. Confirm you wish to report the spam or move it to your spam folder.

Step 3

Click "Spam" from your list of folders on the left column on the screen. Check the box next to the message and click "Delete Forever" to permanently delete the message.