How to Stop the Shaking Of a Mounted Projector

By Kay Ireland

Using a mounted projector helps you save space while keeping the expensive equipment in a safe area. Whether you use your projector for a home theater system or as an educational or business tool, shaking while you operate the projector is annoying and can disrupt your viewing. Installing or moving your projector to the best location helps reduce shaking, while regular maintenance helps prevent movement while you're watching movies on your mounted projector.

Step 1

Mount or remount your projector if the shaking is continuous and bothersome. Any equipment or factor that causes vibrations in the ceiling could cause your projector to shake while in use. Ensure the projector is mounted away from an HVAC system or loud subwoofers, both which can cause excess shaking and vibration.

Step 2

Move the projector closer to the screen, if possible. The further away your projector is from the screen, the easier it is to detect the movement from the projector on the screen. Situating the projector closer to the screen makes the shaking less perceptible, which is ideal when vibrations and shaking are minor and unavoidable.

Step 3

Check the mounting hardware around your projector. If the screws are loose, the projector is more prone to shaking and movement. Carefully stand on a ladder beneath the projector and work around the mounting system, tightening screws and checking for signs of damage. If the mount appears to be damaged or missing screws, replace the necessary hardware to ensure the mount is secure.

Step 4

Tighten the wires leading to the projector. Loose wires reduce stability and could be causing a shaky image resulting from poor connections. Check the inputs on the projector to ensure they're snug. If some of the cables aren't staying put, use wire ties to secure them to the other wires for better stability and and a better display on your screen.

Step 5

Caution family members or coworkers on the floor above the projector when you're planning on using the system. Having people walk across the floor directly above your projector could cause some shaking or swaying. By cautioning others to tread lightly and avoid slamming doors while you're watching a movie, one of your greatest sources of vibration should be diminished