How to Stop Satellite Rain Fade

By Allen Coleman

Battling rain fade
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It can be very frustrating when you are watching your favorite television show and the signal is suddenly interrupted by the weather. Rain fade is what happens when rain gets in the way of the dish receiving a strong enough signal from the satellites. As a result, digital distortion is all you get on your TV set. It is not possible to completely stop rain fade from affecting your dish, but there are steps you can take that will help in eliminate rain fade.

Go into the set-up menu and access the dish pointing option. Select the signal strength meter and check your signal strength. If it is under 90, adjust your dish by moving it right or left to get the best signal possible. If you can't get a signal strength of 90 or higher at your location, adjust your dish to the strongest signal possible.

Purchase a satellite dish rain cover at your local electronics store, and install it on your dish. This will keep the rain from interfering with the satellite's signal.

Purchase a can of satellite rain fade solution and apply it to your satellite dish. This will repel the rain from your dish and help eliminate rain fade.

Install a larger satellite dish with more surface area to gather a stronger satellite signal. If you are in a location where rain fade is very common, you can purchase a rain fade dish that is treated for rain fade.