How to Stop Renting Cable Boxes and Buy Them With Cox

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A cable box is a piece of hardware that connects an incoming cable connection to your TV. With digital cable and expanded channel selections, software inside of the box allows you to view a large array of channels, on-screen menus, and in some cases the ability to digitally record shows through the box. Cox cable is a cable provider in multiple cities and like some cable companies offers the option to buy a cable box instead of renting. Rentals are often per month charges where buying is a one-time charge.

Step 1

Contact a Cox Representative to begin the process. You can call Cox in your area by searching for the local Cox number on the company's website.

Step 2

Click on the drop down menu on the Local Cox Number webpage and select the city/area nearest to you. Click on "Go" to view. Results will show the contact number for your local Cox office. You can also chat online with a representative by visiting the "Cox Customer Support Online" link in the Resources section of the article.

Step 3

Let the representative on the phone or online know that you want to stop renting the cable box and instead purchase a cable box. You may be asked to provide your account number, which is available on your cable bill, billing address and your name. In some cases, you may be asked to provide the last four digits of your social security number.

Step 4

Choose from the cable box selection offered by the representative. Depending on your area and current services there may be one or more cable box types available.

Listen carefully to the instructions from the representative on returning your rental cable box. You may be asked to wait for the new cable box to arrive in the mail then mail the old one in the box, or a Cox service person may come to your home to pick up the old one and install the new one.


  • If your rental box is damaged you may be liable for any repair/replacement costs.
  • Note that owning your own cable box means that if it breaks you may be responsible for replacement or repairs without Cox having to offer a replacement at no charge.


  • Consider the value of buying over renting for your own situation. For example, if it costs $5 a month to rent the box that is $60 a year. If it costs $120 to buy the box to own you'd need to keep using the box and cable service for more than two years before seeing the savings of renting versus buying.
  • Cable companies that also offer Internet services may allow you to purchase a cable modem in addition to the cable box. This may offer savings over renting both the modem and cable box.


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