How to Stop the Remaining Ink Level Popup on an Epson

By Jacob Michael

Adjust printer settings for best results with black ink.
i George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Computers with Epson printers use the EPSON Status Monitor to keep track of printer data, notifying users when various errors occur, such as paper jams or low ink levels. However, this can be annoying, as third-party ink cartridges may read as “empty” to the Status Monitor, triggering "low ink level remaining" notifications whenever you want to print something. Turn off ink level notifications through the EPSON Status Monitor preferences to remove this message.

Step 1

Hover your cursor over the top-right corner of the home screen, select “Settings,” and then click “Devices and Printers.”

Step 2

Right-click the Epson printer and select “Printing Preferences.”

Step 3

Click the “Optional Settings” tab, and then click the “Monitoring Preferences” button.

Step 4

Uncheck the “Ink Low” option in the Select Notification panel. If you’re using a laser printer, uncheck the “Toner Low” option instead.

Step 5

Click the “OK” button to save your changes, and then close the Printing Preferences window.