How to Stop Pop-Ups in Apps on an iPhone

By Travis Meyer

Do your friends a favor and disable your annoying alerts.
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Although the pop-up window notifications provided by the apps on your phone are helpful for reminders, they can also be a nuisance when you're trying to concentrate on a specific task. Fortunately, the iPhone provides configuration support for these settings, allowing you to decide which apps should alert you with pop-up windows and which applications shouldn't. All of the pop-up window configurations can be accessed through the "Notifications" menu in your Settings app.

Step 1

Activate and unlock your iPhone to access the Home screen. Tap "Settings." Tap "Notifications," the third menu item on the list.

Step 2

Turn off all of the pop-up windows, sound and badge alerts on your iPhone by toggling the switch at the top of the menu to the "Off" position. Doing this disables all the alerts provided by your applications, including sounds, badges and pop-up alerts.

Step 3

Configure individual application alert settings by scrolling down the list, finding the app whose alerts you would like to configure and tapping it. This brings you to a "Settings" menu with three items, each with an "On/Off" toggle switch. Toggle the "Alerts" switch to deactivate pop-up window alerts. If you would also like to switch off the sounds and badge alerts provided by this application, turn their switches to the "Off" position.