How to Stop Phone Stalkers

By LaTasha Rogers

Stop Phone Stalkers
i Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

A phone stalker is someone who constantly calls your phone and harasses you or your family. Having a cell phone stalker makes it hard to use your cell phone without worrying about the stalker being on the other line. Take control of your phone and take the precautions to get rid of your phone stalker.

Change your cell phone number. Call up your phone provider and explain why you want you number changed. Make your number private so that it will not be listed for the public to obtain.

Hang up the phone if the stalker is on the other end. Do not engage in any conversation with the stalker; this will just fuel him to continue calling.

Deny any private or unknown calls coming through your phone. You can explain to your friends and family that you have a stalker so they will not call from an unknown number.

Contact the police if you feel threatened by the stalker. The police department has ways to trace unknown calls and will be able to identify the stalker.