How to Stop People From Listening to My Cell Phone Conversations

By Maya Walker

Be mindful of others around you when having a cell phone conversation.
i Toby Burrows/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Whether they admit it or not, people tend to eavesdrop on others having cell phone conversations. If you want to stop people from listening in while you are having a conversation, you have a few options to minimize the possibilities of overly-curious people hearing more than they should. Fortunately, the available options are practical and do not require you to go to great lengths to have a private conversation.

Step 1

Excuse yourself from the room if you receive a cell phone call while around others, and you wish to have the conversation in private. Once you complete the call, you can return to the room.

Step 2

Answer the incoming call and inform the caller you are unable to take her call. Reschedule the call for a later time when you are able to speak freely without others listening.

Step 3

Lower the volume on your phone and your voice if you are unable to leave the room or reschedule the call. Lowering the volume to a level that is audible only by you prevents others from hearing your caller. A lower volume may also help you to speak more softly. People talking on cell phones tend to speak loudly (cell yell), partly due to a sense that they are not being heard.

Step 4

Send the incoming call to voicemail. Return the call when you are alone and able to speak without the fear of others listening. Depending on your voicemail system, you may receive a prompt while listening to the caller's message to press a button to automatically dial him back.