How to Stop Java.Exe

by Jim Campbell

Java.exe is the file used to run the Java compiler. When you execute a Java application, the Java.exe file appears in the list of processes shown in the Windows Task Manager. To stop Java.exe, you must stop it in Windows Task Manager. Stopping the process also stops any Java application from running on the computer.

Right-click any free space in the Windows task bar at the bottom of your window. In the pop-up menu, click the "Task Manager" option. This option opens the main Task Manager window.

Click the "Processes" tab. Click the "Image Name" column header to sort each running process by name. This makes it easier to find the Java.exe process.

Scroll down to the "Java.exe" process. Right-click the process name and select "End Task." Click "Yes" to confirm that you want to stop the process. The process stops, and any opened Java programs also stop.

About the Author

Jim Campbell has been a computer engineer for over five years. He excels in hardware repair, computer programming and troubleshooting, and software design. He is currently attending Florida Atlantic University, pursuing a master's degree in computer and electrical engineering and fine-tuning his technical writing abilities.