How to Stop an iPhone Camera From Making a Shutter Sound

By Avery Martin

Disable the shutter sound to take pictures without drawing attention to yourself.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The iPhone creates a shutter sound whenever you take a picture using the built-in camera. This sound can create a distraction or draw unnecessary attention to yourself when you're taking pictures in a public area. For more discreet photo-taking adventures, you can mute the shutter sound to avoid making noise, distracting your friends in candid shots, or disrupting the behavior pets or wildlife while you're using your camera. You can also lower the volume of the shutter sound, if you don't want to completely disable the noise. Some countries don't allow the option to disable the shutter sound while taking photos.

Step 1

Tap the "Settings" app and select the "Sounds" option.

Step 2

Drag the volume slider in the Ringers and Alerts section to left to reduce the volume of the shutter and other sounds on your iPhone. Set the "Change With Buttons" toggle switch to the Off position to prevent the change from affecting ringers and alerts.

Step 3

Set the "Ring/Silent" switch to the Off position to mute the shutter sound before taking a photo.