How to Stop Interference to My PC Monitor

By Justin A. Mann

Keep your PC monitor performing properly by removing any interference.
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A monitor is an electrical display unit for personal computers. Monitors put out a visual display of what is happening on the computer, allowing users to easily navigate the web and their personal files. However, due to being electrical, monitors may receive interference from electronic devices and those that produce a magnetic field. Interference causes the monitor display to flicker or produce double images that make regular operation almost impossible. Interference is corrected by removing the source of the interference or moving the monitor away from the interference.

Check the immediate area around the monitor for electronic or magnetic field producing devices. Devices to look for that can interfere with a monitor include microwaves, old record players, some older television models and motors,

Move any interference causing devices away from the monitor area. If the devices are too numerous or large to move, move your monitor and PC setup to a new location.

Press the menu button on your monitor. Navigate through the menu until you find the "Degauss" option. Press the "Degauss" option. Degaussing removes any built up magnetism inside the monitor that may be causing interference. Older monitors must be degaussed through the menu while newer monitors automatically perform a degaussing when they are turned on.