How to Stop InDesign From Hyphenating Words

By C. Taylor

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Adobe InDesign CC offers a wealth of hyphenation options to fine-tune this text wrapping feature. For example, you can dictate the minimum character length a word must meet before being hyphenated, and also specify the relative position in a word where a hyphen is placed. If you prefer to never use hyphens, you can disable this feature entirely. Alternatively, you can disable hyphens when they occur between columns or pages, if this is the only time they bother you.

Step 1

Press "T" to select the Text tool, and then click anywhere in text for which you wish to disable hyphenation. To apply the effect to multiple paragraphs, click and drag your mouse across the text to highlight it.

Step 2

Press the "Paragraph Formatting Controls" button, which looks like a backwards "P" at the left of the Control bar. If you don't see this bar, click "Windows," and then select "Control." Alternatively, press "Ctrl-Alt-6" to toggle the Control bar.

Step 3

Click the "Paragraph Style" drop-down menu, which also looks like a backwards "P" in the Hyphenate section, select "Style Options," and then select the "Hyphenation" side-tab.

Step 4

Uncheck "Hyphenation" to completely disable hyphenation, or only uncheck "Hyphenate Across Columns" to prevent hyphenating words across multiple columns or pages. This section also offers specific controls over where hyphens appear within words.

Step 5

Click "OK" to apply your changes.