How to Stop Harassing Phone Calls with Cox

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For those of you that have digital phone service with Cox, you may not know that they provide a service where you can trace a phone number. No longer do you have to put up with harassing phone calls from unknown people. Just by dialing a code, Cox will help you stop the harassing phone calls.


Hang up the phone. After you receive the call, press and quickly release the "switchhook," which is the button the handset pushes down when you hang up the phone. Many phones don't have them anymore and you will need to use the "Link" or "Flash" button instead, just as if you were using your call waiting.


Listen for a special dial tone. You should hear a special dial tone after you do this. Press *57, or if you are on a rotary phone you will need to dial 1157.


Listen for the confirmation announcement that tells you that the last call has been traced, then hang up the phone and write down the date and time you did this.


Contact the police. Cox will record that you wanted the number traced, so present the police with a copy of your notes and ask them to contact Cox to find out who is making the calls.


  • check If you do not have Cox digital phone service, check with your local phone service and see if they provide call trace.
  • check Cox cannot tell you the person that has been calling you and will only tell the police.
  • check If another call comes in before you have a chance to trace, you will not be able to trace the harassing call until it happens again.


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